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AFWIC’s focus on design, guided by the National Defense Strategy, enables the Department of the Air Force to rapidly identify areas for new investment in capabilities that will provide the backbone and connective tissue to allow the Joint Force to conduct true multi-domain operations, even in the most difficult scenarios.
AFWIC advocates for better enterprise integration and ensures we are developing and procuring the tools needed to win in a peer fight. With operational specialists from across the Air Force’s core missions and key functions, AFWIC continues to work to establish a greater unity of effort across diverse portfolios to prioritize resources and design an affordable and relevant force for today and the future.
AFWIC develops and refines concepts to ensure the Air Force and joint force is able to fight effectively in the future. These concepts will drive integrated capability development activities, through our ten Cross-Functional Teams to address known capability gaps as well as emerging opportunities across the Air Force enterprise.
The Air Force is redesigning itself to enhance joint integration across all domains to innovate and operate faster and more effectively than any adversary. AFWIC is positioned to guide the evolution and transformation of the Air Force's processes and organizations to meet the challenges of future warfighting.

Organizational Matrix


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