About Us

The Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC) was created by Secretary Wilson and General Goldfein to look across the Air Force's diverse warfighting portfolio and drive enterprise-wide solutions to complex issues. Guided by the National Defense Strategy, AFWIC’s efforts and initiatives enable the Air and Space Forces to rapidly identify key areas for investment in new capabilities that build the foundation for a Joint Force that is able to conduct true multi-domain operations, even in the most difficult scenarios. Multi-domain operations create multiple and simultaneous dilemmas for adversary forces, overwhelming their ability to respond coherently. To make the Joint Force successful, the Air and Space Forces will create windows of superiority in air, space, and cyberspace, then converge on the most important targets at speed and scale.

Through a process of innovative exploration, concept development and enterprise-wide integration across core functions, AFWIC produces future force design and capability development guidance to synchronize acquisition, planning, and programming. AFWIC bridges the gap between Strategy and Planning by providing a future force design relevant to the threat, strategy, and need to develop new ways of operating as a joint force. A changing world demands a different approach; AFWIC is that difference.


We serve our Air Force by being the voice of tomorrow’s Airmen. We dedicate every day to providing them with the organization, training, and equipment they will need to defend the United States in their time. As we work with talented teammates from across the force, we:

  • Appreciate the challenges they face
  • Implement strategies, develop concepts, and identify technologies to meet these challenges
  • Develop capabilities that preserve advantage for tomorrow’s Airmen
  • Identify the training and organizations tomorrow’s Airmen will need
  • Promote interdependence with Allies and partners across the globe
  • Integrate our efforts into a coherent force design that fits into a broader Joint design
  • Help our senior leaders make decisions that stick


"...we must be willing to work differently to make timely decisions. We must ensure our processes at all levels encourage innovative approaches that are not risk-averse, and embrace diversity of thought and experiences to help us consider broader sets of options.”

General Charles "CQ" Brown
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force
Accelerate Change or Lose, August 2020