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Joint All-Domain Command & Control

Joint all-domain command & control (JADC2) connects distributed sensors, shooters and data from and in all domains to all forces to enable distributed mission command at the scale, tempo, and level to accomplish commander’s intent -- agnostic to domains, platforms, and functional lanes. The JADC2 CFT will explore this concept in detail, including sensing, data transport, data fusion, and decision/command and control.


The Cyber CFT aims to develop a holistic approach to converge cyber effects during multi-domain operations. Their mandate to explore experimentation and prototyping include modeling and simulation to understand how cyber effects can achieve synergies with effects from other domains. During their research and analysis efforts, they will also incorporate defense/deception to ensure joint/combined JADC2.


In pursuit of a space design that allows the Joint Force to achieve windows of space superiority (ensuring use and denying use to adversaries), the Space CFT will also conduct experimentation and prototyping to develop capabilities that allow convergence of space effects in multi-domain operations. 




Insiders - Combat Generation

The Insiders - Combat Generation CFT will research, analyze, and develop ways to generate a ready and resilient blunting force within the highly-contested environment.




Outsiders - Combat Generation

The Outsiders - Combat Generation CFT will develop options that allow the Air Force to bring sufficient fires from long-range in order to help blunt/deny. As part of the research and discovery process, the Outsiders CFT will conduct experimentation and prototyping to seek efficient ways of increasing this capacity, including optimization of the bomber force, alternate platforms, and long-range conventional missiles.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) CFT aims to democratize the use of AI across all core mission areas and business operations to enable decision advantage.  Their responsibilities are governed by the Air Force Annex to the Department of Defense AI Strategy and include guiding Service level AI investment and implementation strategies across five focus areas: People, Plumbing, Projects, Procurement, and Policy.

Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) underpins all of our cross-domain capabilities. Modern warfighters, weapons systems, platforms, sensors, and communications networks rely on globally available and accurate PNT for battlefield awareness and combat effectiveness. The Resilient PNT CFT is chartered to establish and maintain robust and resilient PNT capabilities that build upon GPS and its modernization efforts, to augment GPS with additional sources of PNT, and to leverage full spectrum operations, including Counter-PNT capabilities, consistent with the Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) construct.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance

The CFT for Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Dominance is tasked with pursuing a holistic multi-domain approach to electronic warfare and EMS dominance, including a family of systems approach, to ensure access through the spectrum and deny that access to our competitors.


Logistics Under Attack

Ensuring effective logistics under attack is a key contributor to success in the highly contested environment. The Logistics Under Attack CFT seeks to find ways to ensure effective logistics while negating our competitors’ counter-intervention strategies. Their efforts in experimentation and prototyping include protecting lines of communication, prepositioning alternate delivery technologies, and supporting force designs to operate with minimum logistics.


Next Generation Munitions

The Next Generation Munitions CFT aims to develop suites of joint/combined weapons interdependent munitions (including non-kinetic) that create untenable dilemmas for our competitors. As part of their mandate, they will conduct experimentation and prototyping that includes testing of multi-domain attack combinations against critical target sets that inform investment strategies.

Disruptive Technology

The Disruptive Technology CFT will seek to discover, incubate, and accelerate emerging technologies into all aspects of the design of the future Air and Space Forces. Experimentation and prototyping will focus on technologies that can  significantly change the way the Air Force operates, reverse negative trends, negate competitor investments, and impost cost in competition.