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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC)? 

AFWIC was established to centralize the Air Force’s focus on innovation, concept development, capability development and future force design. Since its inception, the team has grown from 70 personnel to nearly 150 personnel, consisting of military, government civilian, and contractor personnel.  AFWIC is led by a 2-star general officer who reports directly to the Headquarters Air Force A5, and works to carry out the vision of the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  AFWIC will explore and wargame innovative solutions, develop an integrated Family of Concepts, and lead capability development efforts across the Air and Space Forces.  Through such efforts, AFWIC will develop a living future force design that will identify, guide, and prioritize future force development and resource alignment improving Air Force agility, readiness, and lethality in the joint fight.

Why does the Air Force Need AFWIC?

Currently the Air Force manages concept and capability development sub-divided across 12 core functions, managed by 7 different Major Commands.  The Air Force needs a centralized, unified design to fuse missions, capabilities, and requirements into a single blueprint to guide all our resource priorities and achieve warfighting synergies across core functions.  With AFWIC, the Air and Space Forces will have the operating framework to prioritize future force requirements and improve readiness and lethality in the joint fight.  To transform at the necessary pace, the AFWIC will develop an integrated strategy for how we implement multi-domain operations, develop a more integrated future force design and capability plan, and use each of these to drive the prioritization of resources to achieve a unified vision.

What is unique about AFWIC?

AFWIC is comprised of personnel from across the Headquarters Air Force and its Major Commands, matrixed together to leverage operational expertise, working relationships, and institutional knowledge. With this structure, AFWIC will focus on integrated design, allowing the Major Commands to better focus on training, readiness, and operational challenges to enhance readiness & lethality of the future joint force, especially against near-peer adversaries. Organizationally, AFWIC has been designed to improve concept and capability development processes and increase readiness and lethality by being more:

  • Diverse:  The unique AFWIC organization will bring together operators, support personnel, engineers, scientists, and acquirers teamed together in a single organization.
  • Joint: AFWIC will lead AF participation in developing national and joint strategy and concepts, thereby ensuring greater Air Force integration into the joint processes.  Ultimately, AFWIC will also add joint service and allied partners to the team.
  • Agile: AFWIC will foster innovation, drive experimentation and prototyping, and identify opportunities for rapid capability development to quickly transform the force.
  • Efficient: By integrating domains and missions earlier in the process, AFWIC will ensure the Air Force’s planning and programming cycles operate more efficiently. 

How is the new AFWIC organization going to affect the average Airman?

For most Airmen AFWIC will not affect their day-to-day jobs. The AFWIC concept is to centralize the Air Force’s focus on innovation, concept development, capability development and future force design to ensure the Air Force has the world’s most ready, lethal, and dominant capabilities necessary to accomplish their joint force missions.